Sunday, April 23, 2006

Apoligy to Bunny

Bunny Vendeta.

Bunny the girl of my dreams. Really, no, now if they were nightmares then we'd be talking. No, I normally don't rag people. That's why you never find my blog the top of rants. I don't like talking bad about other people. Unless they're mexican of course, only kidding. For a way for making up everything i said to you Bunny, here is my apolgy for the world to read. Posting it on my own site for everyone to know what a mistake i made picking on someone like yourself.

I did not intend for you to get upset. Nor did i intend on angering you. Didn't mean to make you mad. That wasn't my intentions. My intentions were only to bring you a smile in the day. One less person in the world, with a frown on their face. My life revolves around making others happy. I give up all my time in order to make one more person happy, in a days time. Every minute of my pathetic life is spent talking to others. Helping them with self-insecurity and thoughts that they have that resolve in them being sad. Sorry for making your day a living hell, Bunny. Never intended on that to happen. Apoligy for the world to read is writen here now in these words. I'm sorry for the things i said. If i could take them back now i would.

Just to let everyone know, at the moment it's raining. ^_^

I'm sorry for the words that i have ever said to anyone and offended them by it. I'm also sorry, that sorry is never good enough for anything in this world. As for everyone, have a great Sunday.

My day consists of:
Getting up at 10 a.m. to go hiking across the land, to go the the hidden swimming hole.
Rafting when i get there and taking a dip in the water.
Eating lunch.
Walking back up to the road, and back to my house.
Getting in the door and getting online and check mail/comments on everything.
Taking a shower.
Laying down in my bed listening to music for a while.
Playing guitar until i get bored with it.
Getting online the rest of the night and doing school work.

Sounds boring, right? I have no life. I do the same thing almost everyday. Oh well, it's life. Deal with it. It goes by faster then anything you'll ever know. Good night. Sleep tight. Sweetdreams, and all those write on here later things.

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