Sunday, March 12, 2006

Made Up On The Spot

It takes but two seconds to look back at the life i've spent here. One, to realize that i had nothing. The other, to know i had no one. I'd lost everything that year. My mind, my friends, and even my family. No one wants to be around a nobody, and for some reason i didn't blame them.

I looked into the starry night, knowing now i was no one and never had anyone to call my own i'd lost it all. As well as my courage. My fear to go foward is what held me back. For i was a no one and that's all i'd ever be.

My fear was conquering and taking over my consious. I had no real escape of this reality but to press foward, the thing i was most afraid of. As much as it hurt inside to know i was filled with emptiness, i still moved on.

I let those hard days get me down and all the things that i hated got in my way. I could of screamed without a sound. I found myself silenced by those things that they say. I woke up to realize that it's not worth running from anymore. When there was no place left to hide and i found nothing out there is real. I won't stop no until i find myself.

I don't want anyone to look into my eyes because i don't want anyone to see theres no one behind them!

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