Thursday, March 09, 2006

~!Life Left unspoken For!~

In a world so vain. In a world so cold. How is it that we can still find love? Simple and easy enough it's just wondering around in the hearts of many. It resides in mine. That is where it should reside in all of us is in our hearts. Does it not make since to love? When to love is everything we could ever dream of. Does it make you weak to love? Not that I can acknowledge. Only thing but to make you stronger and give you more purity.

For ones who don't know, yet, they tend to devastate themselves over this. Why? Because they are looking for love. They still haven't found it yet. We pick on others because he have been ridiculed ourselves. We look down upon others because we have been looked down upon ourselves. Makes since to say we'll be around forever doesn't it. Our only existences relies on the fighting that takes place for our own survival.

Are we but nothing more than animals ourselves? Do we strive to stay alive like those of the caribou on the vast plains. Do we fight off predators yet be killed anyways. Are we fed to the worms in the same way of that the brothers that have shared the life before us?

Many things to ponder yet, will they ever be answered. That is a question that you'll only find in yourself, I guess. For I know none of this to my own knowledge. That of your own you may know.

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