Thursday, March 09, 2006

I Know You'll Never Win

So today i've just basically been made fun of yet again. You know i think i got made fun less at school, ever with all that drama, than i do now. I mean ol' butchie boy doesn't know when to quit. Personally i don't know why he's singled out me of all people. What have i ever done to hurt anyone else?

Yeah, I've broken some hearts but have i ever done it intentionaly? No!

Let it rest let it be,
Why make fun of me,
No reason for you to see.

Whats wrong with you,
Thought you knew,
No need to be rude.

So i'm different,
Shouldn't be a problem should it.

Why mess with a kid,
Whose trying to stay hid,
Stop Throwing a fit.

Grow up,
Until then,
Shut up!

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