Sunday, March 05, 2006

~!♥ ©are for what no it ©ared upon!~

looking to everything you mean to me,
looking at us like everyone wants us to be,
we've been here too long
now we've spent too much time,
smell of love in the air,
looks in our eyes,
like we just dont care,
living our lives,
with everyone a stare,
let them be, for them to see,
it's just you and me.

I'll miss it all,
miss everything i had,
everything that ever made me sad,
lifes so unfair,
right now, i really don't care,
i just don't want to be done,
i don't want to be gone, not yet,
my life is set to a certain,
like a curtain to a play,
what can i say?
doctors can't fix, what they can't cure,
my heart, im not sure if its really pure,
i laughed it off like everything was okay,
now i have to pray to live anohter day.

i'll stick with you through it all,
thick or thin, ill catch you,
before you may fall,
i'll be there for you with anything,
that you should do,
i'll have your back, no matter,
what things you've done wrong,
i'll never leave you alone,
i'll be there for you if you may fall,
thick or thin, i'll be there,
for it all

if i had just one more tear left to cry,
i would spend it on you, if you were to die,
i would cry myself to sleep,
those memories of you i would keep,
everything i said to you, trust me,
i meant it all,
the day i told you i loved you,
those feelings never did fade,
the times i layed up wondering,
if you were okay, i still,
wait up wondering today,
i'll miss you when your near,
i'll miss you even more when your, not here,
the memories of you i'll never leave behind,
your the one thats always on my mind.

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