Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Amen I'm Alive

"Fireflys our only light in paradise."

So I guess today was like any other. Got up late like i always do. In other words i didn't get my morning phone call with Shandi. That's like morning coffee it's just something i need to wake me up to get me ready for the day. Seeing as shes my best-friend i try to talk to her at least once a day. Although i like talking to her more than once. She has a way of making you laugh and smile like the horizon. Soon i should be getting my old guitar back and i'm going to be trading that one in for an acoustic. Preferably a Fender, i'm not too fond of Harmony, although their guitars do make a pitch of sound like no other. On to other things, today has been a weird day. I talked to my girlfriend today as well as Shandi and Mallory. Which i tried making Mallory mad by calling her my wife which tended to work quite well.

I was thinking maybe i should quit smoking again, but as we all know that never works out quite like i want it to. I never will quit most likely. Like i said before, "It's just like a cigarette, it's just something i do."

Tonight i see myself sleeping early. Although i did get up late i still feel exhausted from watching the baby all day today. So for now i'm done writing. As to know end it here.

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