Friday, February 17, 2006

Missing My Baby!

god rite now i really miss my hella crazy..she all i can think about...i miss her so much...i mean im miserable when im not talking to her..even if we aint talking juss knowin she there keeps me half way ok..but i mean without that im juss lost..nd alone...i mean i cant even keep my emotions str8....i juss i love this girl u kno...i love her more then nething..but i mean we havent been like the old us..we like changed or sumthing...cuz we no talk ne not like we used to..we culd talk on the fone for our 16 hours =P but i mean ne more theres juss nothing to say...juss i come blank when i hear her voice..i mean ill have so much to say b4 she picks up the fone...i mean like tonite....i was almost too afraid to have her mom tell her i love her...nd i never am...nd im like oh yeah i kno juss........(long pause) *mom bout to hang up* tell her i love her....nd then she like i will bye andy..nd then *cLiCk* nd it was over with...then i juss sat around...but yeah thats all for now i gots me a new friend lol GRACE lol....tryn to find sum stuff out bout her...byes yalls!!

~!Heavens Gates Won't Open Up For Me!~

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Blogger Sydney said...

Baby i love you... i miss you im in skool.. yeah im sleepy lol.. i miss u idk mom talk 2 that dude yet.. ugh im not gonna have a phone intill monday so =( no talking on the phone.. well i g2g i love you

Fri Feb 24, 08:32:00 AM  
Blogger George Larson said...

They stay closed for people that can spell. Gotta watch property value.

Tue Mar 07, 03:37:00 PM  

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