Tuesday, February 28, 2006

~!National Sleep N Public Day!~

listen to the rain fall day by day by day....
i hear u calling..voices are here again...
i hear u whisper...taking control of me...
watch the dancing shadows run away....
all alone once again and afraid....
all these faces..changing the shapes of me..
i sit waitin in my own world waitin for the end....
haunted figures around me im a mistake...
always there to protect me this is one thing u cant take away...
listen to the rain fall day by day...
listen to the rain fall day by day by day...
i hear u calling...voices are here again...
i hear you whisper n my whole mind will never change...
i hear you calling................

i whisper things i dont mean...nd wat i chase wont set me free
nd i get scared but im not crawling on my knees
yeah everythings all wrong here...stranger than ur sympathy...
all i wanted..when all ur lucks run out on u...was u....
u cant see when all ur dreams are coming true?
is it easy to furget me...all these thoughts u stole..
nd im not sure where i belong...i whisper all the things i try to make..
believe...nd b4 the dreams i wanted i juss wanted it to be me nd u..
all the empty things deguised as me...

baby id give up forever juss to be with u...ur the closest to nething ill ever be...nd all i can think about is u..nd all i can dream about was u...sooner or later..u'll see....that u mean everything to me...i juss want u to kno...that i never wanna let u go!!!

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Sum Kool Stuff I Learned How To Do On My Own

I Love Sydney Renee!

People I've Slept With:

Saturday, February 25, 2006

At A Time When Lifes Not So Hard

breathed thru an open door this pressure i cant take of a tragedie...cant get it rite again....bring it back to a time so sad..a time that only u nd i had...lets bring it back for all those memories that we now them the doors..that will give them more...give them the lite that will make this as the birds take forth the morning sun watch as they take down that of a new born sun...take the life from his body and the soul from his heart...tearing his family all a time yet so young...he never really had a place he culd call time will he have shown his knowledge to his kids..the ones that he knew were his...never will he have a life..were he spent it all on his wife....time has been shown this we all have known..death is a part of everyone one of our well as love nd its touched everyone of our lives..

written completely by me on a tiresome morning at 7:17 in the morning....

i love you baby nd this is a dedication to the ppl n our lives that we have lost baby...i love you soo much nd cant wait to talk to u missn you like crazy baby...nd this is nuts how i feel this way but i feel it everyday baby...

I Wanna Screw "Where To Run I Need Music To Set Me Free To Let Me Be!

Friday, February 17, 2006

Missing My Baby!

god rite now i really miss my hella crazy..she all i can think about...i miss her so much...i mean im miserable when im not talking to her..even if we aint talking juss knowin she there keeps me half way ok..but i mean without that im juss lost..nd alone...i mean i cant even keep my emotions str8....i juss i love this girl u kno...i love her more then nething..but i mean we havent been like the old us..we like changed or sumthing...cuz we no talk ne not like we used to..we culd talk on the fone for our 16 hours =P but i mean ne more theres juss nothing to say...juss i come blank when i hear her voice..i mean ill have so much to say b4 she picks up the fone...i mean like tonite....i was almost too afraid to have her mom tell her i love her...nd i never am...nd im like oh yeah i kno juss........(long pause) *mom bout to hang up* tell her i love her....nd then she like i will bye andy..nd then *cLiCk* nd it was over with...then i juss sat around...but yeah thats all for now i gots me a new friend lol GRACE lol....tryn to find sum stuff out bout her...byes yalls!!

~!Heavens Gates Won't Open Up For Me!~

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I'm Giving You My Heart Baby!

don't ask me how it could be
sometimes it's hard to believe
that in my lifetime i could find that someone
who can make me complete
you are the air that i breathe
i'd surely die if you leave
'cause i have never felt this way ' bout any girl like i feel for you
so this is what i'm gonna do

i'm giving you my heart forever
every beat of my heart says it's true
i know we'll always be together forever
you lovin' me - me lovin' you
and i'm giving you my heart to you

you are so special to me
your love is all that i need
and i'm gonna spend the rest of my life
loving you faithfully

this love i feel is so strong
with you my heart's found a home
'cause no one in this world could ever love me so tenderly
so you can best believe

i'm giving you my heart forever
every beat of my heart says it's true
my love for you won't fade no never
you lovin' me - me lovin' you
and i'm giving you my heart to you

and when i'm holding you close to me
i know all of my dreams have come true
wanna let you know how i feel
girl my love is for real
and i just wanna give it to you

every beat of my heart says it's true
my love for you won't fade no never
you lovin' me - me lovin' you
and i'm giving you my heart to you

I Love You Sydney! Happy Valentine Day Baby!
I missed you so much today baby...well i bet u culd tell with all the messages i left you on AIM but still baby u have no idea how much i missed you today....i hope u had fun today at skool nd that was nice of nathan giving u the rose....hes a really nic dude for doing that...i love you baby have a great day baby...I HEART YOU BLACK!!!
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