Thursday, January 19, 2006

I love you baby

well im going thru shit with shandi already today..ugh i mean y cant she juss see the fact I LOVE SYDNEY..i cant help who i love im not suppose it juss sydney is wonderful i mean she treats me a jillion times better then shandi does shandi treats me like shit most the time...i mean i can always get her to laugh even if shes sad but still i can do that to ne one when i want so tired rite now..i bout fell asleep in class nd i came home nd fell asleep hanging off the side of the beat...nd god i come home nd my mom starts bossin me around ugh..all i wanted to do was pass out on the couch til they left..but NO..but i did get like 10 minz of nap time lol..i cant wait for sydney to get on so i can tell her how much i love her...*yawns* i hope its before i lay down...i cant turn the volume up ne louder so i wont kno when she gets on....ugh well im going for now im too tired to write


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