Tuesday, November 29, 2005


i love sydney...i always have i was just to blind to see it when i was messing around with other quiting drugs...and im not going back..i mean yeah its going to be hard but i juss i cnat go back to that or ill lose the only girl i love..and i just dont want to do that..i love her so much she means alot to me and she knows that =S least i hope she does..rite now i mean all today ive had this feeling like imma lose her...and i kinda know i am...cuz as soon as i leave for the A.F. she going to find sumone and juss idk..she going to get wit him juss like in my dream...i really dont want that to happen but i know its going so worried cuz she all that matters to me...god i love her so damn much and i juss feel like imma lose her

i cant describe how much i love her i never really have been able to so into her...and i dont know why..she means alot to me more then nething...i really wish i could get her to see that...*hugs her really tight and never lets go* baby i say never let go because i never wanna let go of you..well baby im off here for now BUT .... i love you so much!


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Blogger Sydney said...

Aww baby... ur not gonna lose me.. im not gonna leave you.. you got me and u will always have me i love you..

Thu Dec 01, 11:50:00 AM  

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