Monday, November 14, 2005

UGH a lil bit since i updated this....i guess life got better since the last time i said anything...i'm dating sydney again..i mean lookin back at this blog you will see me and her have been thru two break ups....but yet she still took me back....ppl thinks shes nuts and i still don't blame them...i can't see how she would want me back.....i love her though...i mean yeah i like meghan i sorta always will...but rite now my heart is set on one my baby and i love her....what more is there to say...


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Blogger Sydney said...

Awws baby .. i love you.. God i havent been on here along time lol GRR i came 2 skool and all day i been saying Ugh b,c of you!! baby i love u soo much and Duh i i took u back b.c i love you well i g2g i been gone for 3days and So i gotta lots of work 2 do =( i gotz a 0 in 1 class o.O bye baby I love you!!

Tue Nov 15, 11:15:00 AM  

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